Alpaca Everyday Socks - Cream

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Cosy, warm and thin Alpaca socks

Made in Great Britain

Our Alpaca socks are designed to be worn time and time again. Knitted to a thin density, these socks will insulate your feet from the cold, whilst offering outstanding breathability and wicking of moisture, thus ensuring a cool and comfortable wear each and everyday. We can't spend a day without them.
Non-refundable if worn
55% Alpaca 45% Nylon
Unisex | Mens | Womens
Made in Leicestershire, England
Sizes are UK 4-7 | 8-10 
Machine washable. We recommend a gentle hand wash in the sink, and leave to dry naturally overnight. Do not tumble dry.

Benefits of wearing Alpaca

Four times warmer than wool
Reactive natural fibre which wicks moisture keeping your skin cool and dry
Outstanding comfort, lightweight, breathable and soft to skin
Natural odour resistance and antibacterial properties