Harriet Chunky Brass Bangle

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A brand new special statement bangle with a heavy chunky finish. Handmade from beautifully polished brass.

  • Sustainable material.

  • Subtle brass sparkle.

These bangles are available in 2 sizes:

SM - designed for an average diameter of 6.5cm and average circumference of 20.3cm.

ML - designed for an average diameter of 7cm and average circumference of 23cm.

Wrap a tape measure around the widest point of your hand, compressed, as if trying on a bangle, to measure.

Brass Care Guide: To keep your brass accessories looking wonderful, keep them away from water, cleaning products and strong detergents. Spots and droplets will remain unless wiped down and dried immediately.

These bangles are individually handmade, meaning no two will be completely identical. Brass is chosen as the material, as the recycling process is less energy-intensive in comparison to other metals, and yields a smaller carbon footprint.