Ultimate Good Night - Deepest Sleep Gift Set

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Our Ultimate Good Night gift set is a wonderfully luxurious trio designed to help you unwind and fall into a peaceful slumber with ease.

Packaged in a beautiful bespoke gift box this set contains full size:
Bath Oil 100ml,
Diffuser Oil 10ml,
Pillow Mist 50ml.

After a busy day your sleep ritual really helps you to drift off to sleep. Begin by adding a few drops of the Bath Oil under a warm running tap, taking a moment to pause and sink into a deep sense of calm tranquility.

For an extra pampering, fill the bowl of an oil burner with water and add between 3-10 drops of the sleep inducing diffuser oil to fill your space with an everlasting dreamy aroma. (Safe for electric diffusers too).

As a final indulgence just before bed, gently spray the Pillow Mist at an arm's length, then lie back and take three slow, deep breaths and allow the aroma to envelop your senses.

Handmade in Norfolk.