Water Hyacinth Vase (6 Sizes)

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Water Hyacinth vases available in 6 sizes and 6 colours. To bring colour to bouquets of dried flowers and to the decoration of our interiors.


  • Yellow: Diam 7cm / Height 15cm
  • Grey: Diam 9cm / Height 20cm
  • Sand: Diam 11cm / Height 20cm
  • Pomegranate: Diam 15cm / Height 25cm
  • Orange: Diam 12cm / Height 30cm
  • Dark Grey: Diam 13.5cm / Height 31cm

Made With Love -  Handmade
BAOBAB supports many small craftsmen by offering ever-changing collections. We carry and participate in the maintenance of unique know-how. Owning a BAOBAB product means having fun with a product created between La Rochelle and Paris, made in India, often with small family units with which, for some, we have been collaborating since 2004. Slight variations or imperfections may exist . Guarantees of authenticity and quality.