Chandra | Moon Facial Oil

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This unique and beautifully scented facial oil contains a myriad of powerful, nutrient dense oils which have all been used with a specific intention. It really allows the active ingredients to get to work while you get a restful night’s sleep, so you’ll wake up feeling refreshed, glowing and ready to face the day.


Hydration and Balance: This facial oil maintains skin's moisture balance, reducing dryness and promoting a supple complexion. Evening primrose oil and jojoba oil work in synergy to keep your skin hydrated.

Natural Glow: The delicate fragrances of jasmine and frankincense evoke tranquility and lend a luminous glow to your skin.

Organic and Ethical: Our commitment to ethical practices extends to sourcing organic ingredients where possible and eco-conscious packaging.

Illuminate your skin and spirit with Chandra | Moon Facial Oil, a testament to the harmonising power of Ayurveda and the skin-loving properties of botanicals. Experience the luminous embrace of nature and let your skin shine with vitality and wellbeing.