Cocktail Herbs Seed Set

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Grow from seeds of your own cocktail herbs.

Enjoy a set of flavourful herbs to grow from seed in your own kitchen garden. Perfect seeds to grow on your windowsill, pots or in a garden bed.

  • Contains 3 seed packets to grow: Basil, Spearmint and Borage.
  • All varieties are perennials offering more tasty leaves each year.
  • Easily can be grown in pots or windowsills.

While mint is a popular herb in cocktails like mojitos and mint juleps, it's not the only option for adding unique flavors to your drinks. Herbal and spiced cocktails have become increasingly popular, with herbs like basil, lavender, and rosemary from your garden, or cinnamon sticks from the market adding new dimensions to drink flavours.

Incorporating herbs and spices into your cocktails is a simple process. Fresh herbs can often be muddled directly into the drink, while other recipes may require an infusion into vodka, tequila, whiskey, or other spirits. Flavour can also be added to sweeteners like simple syrup. All of these techniques are easy to do, and you'll be surprised by how well herbs and spices pair with other flavours to create exciting and flavourful drinks.