Wellness Garden Grow Box

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Wellness grow box for bliss & blooms.

Up your wellness journey with our specially curated grow box, ideal for balconies and container gardening. Crafted for resilience and beauty, it offers a tranquil blend of blooms, fostering serenity and well-being with a view.

Included are 6 seed packets, with peat-free soil discs and plant labels, for an effortless path to cultivating your own oasis of relaxation.

  • Calendula 'Pygmy Buff' for soothing skin
  • Kale 'Green Curled Dwarf' for garden goodness
  • Lemon Balm for herbal joy
  • Peppermint for soothing teas
  • Cornflowers for edible flowers
  • Radish French Breakfast for fresh veggies