Foodies Seed Set

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Grow from seeds your own flavoursome food.

Enjoy a set of flavourful delights to grow from seed in your own kitchen garden. Perfect seeds to grow on your windowsill, pots or in a garden bed.

  • Contains 3 seed packets to grow: Chilli 'Jalapeno', Red Shiso and Rocket Wasabi.
  • Distinct flavours to bring your dishes to life.
  • Easily can be grown in pots or windowsills.

This package includes three seed packets of Chilli 'Jalapeno', Red Shiso, and Rocket Wasabi, each offering its own unique flavour to enhance your culinary creations. These seeds can be easily grown in pots or windowsills, making them a convenient option for home gardening. With these distinct and flavourful plants, you can add a burst of taste to any dish and elevate your cooking to the next level.