Hazelnut Praline 65% Dark Chocolate

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The perfect union. Comforting flavours of toasted hazelnut praline and raisin-flavoured cacao have been crafted into a texture that melts on the tongue but still has the snap of tempered chocolate.

Famous organic Italian hazelnuts paired with Seram Island cocoa. The largest cocoa plantation on the island contributes to the community by supporting local schools, constructing medical facilities and renovating churches and mosques.

Tasting Notes

Melting hazelnuts, finishing with rich toffee and spice flavours from Indonesian cocoa


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar, hazelnuts (NUTS), Cornish sea salt

Chocolarder is one of a handful of bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the UK, and the only one based in Cornwall. Everything that comes out of our factory is made with only the best ingredients, sourced locally where possible, in the seaside town of Falmouth.