Lavender & Patchouli Hot Process Soap

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Wild Grove soap is handmade in small batches in Bristol with a zero-waste attitude. Wild Grove products get their scent from high-quality essential oils and fragrances added for maximum freshness.

"Floral and herbaceous, the lavender essential oils in this soap have a magical ability to help you reach a zen mood. Slowing down the overworked and rejuvenating the exhausted this scent never fails to bring calm to your world.

Paired with the powerful fragrance of patchouli, this soap is an absolute must-have! Bringing spicy, woody and musky notes with it, this soap is finished with a sweet and earthy aroma." - Lisa, WG Founder

A hot process soap gets its name from the way it is created, which involves heating the ingredients together slowly in order to preserve the high quality of the soap, increasing the scent of the oils and extending the life of the soap itself!