Light Grey Open Weave Shopper Basket

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Medium-sized baskets with long handles are excellent everyday shoulder bags. Slip it on and off you go, with plenty of room for necessities and new purchases. 

The new weaving pattern of these handmade light grey open weave shopper baskets gives them a delicate lace-like look. The open weave basket bag is woven from locally sourced sisal which only gets better and softer in use.

Beautiful Nordic design and skilful Kenyan weaving are the hallmarks of our Kiondo collection. These handmade baskets provide a livelihood to over 700 woven and improve the lives of their families and communities.

These products are handwoven from a highly durable and versatile sisal plant. Sisal may feel rough at first but will soften with use.

Each Mifuko product carries the name of its maker.

Dimensions approx -

Height 28cm. Diameter 30cm. Handle length 70cm