Mini Chocolate Bars

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Four delicious mini bars, four unique flavours — the perfect gift to introduce somebody to the art of proper chocolate making.

Blonde 40% White – A modern twist on the beloved and now-retired Caramac. Flavours of caramel shortbread in a bar of creamy white chocolate, expertly made with our signature single-pressed cocoa butter.

Browned Butter 60% Milk – Made with Öko Caribe cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, delight in the subtle, comforting notes of ice cream and the richness of nuts.

Ashaninka 72% Dark – A fruity revelation grown in harmony with the lush landscapes of the Amazon Rainforest in Peru. Immerse yourself in a rich, dark chocolate experience.

Femme Virunga 75% Dark – Deep cocoa flavours are complemented by a hint of whisky on the palate. Made with cocoa beans cultivated in harmony with Virunga National Park by an inspiring all-female cooperative, this bar is a celebration of both empowerment and great flavour.

All of our bean-to-bar chocolate is made in our Falmouth factory, and each bar is wrapped completely plastic-free.


Cocoa beans, unrefined raw sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder.


Chocolarder is one of a handful of bean-to-bar chocolate makers in the UK, and the only one based in Cornwall. Everything that comes out of their factory is made with only the best ingredients, sourced locally where possible, in the seaside town of Falmouth.