Natural Bawang Rattan Lampshade - 3 Sizes

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The Lampshade Bawang is made from 100% rattan. It convinces through its minimalistic but organic design. Hang the lampshades, that come in three sizes, separately above the dining table or as a set of three in the corner of your living room. No electricals included.

Dimensions: Small: 40cm x 45cm / Medium 50cm x 55cm / Large 60cm x 65cm

Colour: Natural

All products are handcrafted from 100% natural and eco-friendly materials. They can slightly vary in size, shape and colour but are all 100% original.

Material: Rattan

Rattan is used as a material for lampshades as it has strong yet flexible properties. Rattan grows abundantly in the rain forests of the Indonesian archipelago. It grows naturally without any fertilisers and interrupting the present structure and balance of the rainforest.