Nidra | Sleep Calming Mist

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Experience the soothing embrace of this Calming Mist, a luxurious pillow spray and face mist that has earned accolades for its beautiful blend of Lavender, Mandarin, and Aloe Vera. Unwind, refresh, and embrace tranquility with every spray.

A beautifully calming blend of botanical waters and essential oils to soothe your skin, quiet your mind and provide instant zen to your space.

Our incredibly gentle and soothing face pillow and space mist is perfect for those times when you need a little calm in your life. With the powerful, healing properties of aloe and the wonderfully relaxing properties of both mandarin and lavender, it can be used as a face mist to soothe dry, aggravated skin, to spritz your pillow before slumber time or to calm your space whenever you feel in need of balance.

Our Calming Mist offers a range of benefits:

Peaceful Sleep: Lavender promotes deep, restorative sleep, helping you wake up feeling refreshed and energized.

Stress Relief: The soothing aroma of Lavender and the uplifting scent of Mandarin ease stress and anxiety, helping you unwind after a long day.

Skin Revival: Aloe Vera's nourishing touch replenishes and hydrates your skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.