Open Weave Bolga Shopping Basket

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Wage war on plastic carrier bags and make this gorgeous basket your daily shopper! Natural and undyed, the lower portion of this handy and stylish shopper features an open weave design. 

Made from indigenous veta vera grass – also known as Elephant Grass – the preparation process is lengthy: grass is harvested, split, and hand-rolled before a skilled weaver from our partner weaving cooperative in Northern Ghana sets to work. Sustainable through and through, this grass grows wild in Ghana and produces wonderfully balanced and sturdy basketry.  

Purchase one of these woven bolga baskets and you support the journey. The Basket Room are proud to engage with the weavers in a truly fair trade, supplying a supplementary source of income to help sustain farming communities whose primary income can be unreliable. 

Each shopping basket comes with a thank you card from the weaving co-operative that made yours. 


Dimensions: W30cm x H37cm (width is measured at widest part of basket)

Please note, as this is a handmade product, dimensions & colour may vary from those shown in the photographs.