Peppermint Himalayan Salt Hot Process Soap

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Wild Grove soap is handmade in small batches in Bristol with a zero-waste attitude. Wild Grove products get their scent from high-quality essential oils and fragrances added for maximum freshness.

"Bringing the spirit of the Himalayas with it, this soap seems to exude the very elements of altitude! Very clean, crisp, minty scents will conjure images of serene, snow-covered peaks if you just close your eyes! The salt lends itself towards a gentle exfoliation as it removes all that excess dead skin, brightening your skin and leaving it healthier!" - Lisa, WG Founder

A hot process soap gets its name from the way it is created, which involves heating the ingredients together slowly in order to preserve the high quality of the soap, increasing the scent of the oils and extending the life of the soap itself!

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